6 great value wax burners to use with our gorgeous wax melts

For all of you asking questions about where the wax melt-burners we feature come from, here’s a quick run down of some you may have seen featured on our social media alongside our beautiful Waxing Moons wax melts!

Here are 6 wax burner ideas to help you enjoy burning our 5 sensational wax melt fragrances; (borrowed from) The Wild, (borrowed from) The Hedgerows, (borrowed from) A Love Story, (borrowed from) The Past - and for when you’re feeling festive (borrowed from) Christmas 1985! Tealight burners add the most heartwarming glow to any room, don't they? Our Waxing Moons wax melts are made from from 100% natural vegan-friendly soy wax (more on our sustainability practices here), that melt when heated to fill a room with the most incredible throw of fragrance.

3. Not a fan of patterns? Here's a simple, slim white burner with a smooth finish.

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Once your wax melts are burning and sending their gorgeous fragrance out into your home, don't forget to pay proper attention to how you clean them. If you're new to wax melts, it's easy to think that you need to wait for all the wax to have evaporated before you start a new melt - like you would with a scented candle - but it's not the case!

Don't make the same mistake as Holly's mum...

When it comes to fragrance longevity, the type of burner you use plays a significant role. Electric burners offer a steady and gentle heat, gradually releasing the fragrance over an extended period of time. Tealight burners can vary in temperature based on factors such as their material, vessel heat, and how big the flame is.

Opting for smaller, shorter burn tealights will prolong the fragrance as they generate a flame further away from the melt dish, allowing for a slower release. On the other hand, larger, long-lasting tealights bring the flame closer to the melt dish, resulting in a hotter burn and faster scent dispersion. Keep in mind that a milder heat will ensure a longer-lasting fragrance experience.

Don't miss our wax-melt care tips here, to make sure you get the most use of them, ensuring they keep your home smelling gorgeous for the longest time possible.

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