(borrowed from) The Wild Eau De Parfum - The Perfect Wedding Scent

Your wedding is a day that you will forever look back on with happy memories, and what better way to relive it over and over, than with a single spritz of your wedding scent. Fragrance has an astonishing capacity to send signals to the human limbic system, the part of the brain that governs the way we behave and feel, enabling us to be mentally transported back to a particular memory, the moment we catch a whiff.  

Some fragrances come into your life at the right time and our signature perfume scent, (borrowed from) The Wild, is like a wellness tonic. It’s a beautifully unique fragrance that manages to both calm and uplift. Everything about this fresh Eau De Parfum promises to weave effortlessly through your special day; from the romance of lush florals; to soothing herbals that feel like a reassuring hand on your shoulder, anchoring your feet to the ground; to invigorating citrus that clear the mind and make the soul soar. 

Inspired by the luscious fragrance of an English country garden after its been refreshed by the rain, not only does our (borrowed from) The Wild Eau De Parfum have staying power, it’s wearable all year round, meaning you can relive precious memories as often as you like with a single spritz.

But don’t take our words for it – listen to the experts! The very scrumptious, multi-award-winning fragrance and beauty writer, @aliceduparcq surprised us with this unbelievable plaudit, describing our perfume as; “Utterly beautiful…crisp, green, lush, mouth-watering…forest therapy in a bottle…the longevity is phenomenal.” 

Click here if you wish to see her unsolicited review in full. We literally couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

And if you love our Eau De Parfum, why not fill your entire venue with our (borrowed from) The Wild range of candles, diffusers and wax melts. Or discover the perfect wedding gift in the WYLDE Boutique.

It’s been an honour for us to have already been a part of so many of your special days, and we can’t wait to be by your side for many more. 

“I haven’t stepped out of my house yet, without someone saying that I smell amazing, or what fragrance is it that I’m wearing. I love the WYLDE MOON scent. It’s so lovely. Makes you feel sexy, confident and feminine, on my fourth bottle since launch date.”

- WYLDE MOON Customer

(borrowed from) The Wild Fragrance Note Symbolism

When creating this Eau De Parfum, we were influenced by ancient floral symbolism when choosing our fragrance notes. 

Bergamot; Bergamot is said to instil confidence and warm the heart…and even to have aphrodisiac qualities. 

Blackcurrant Absolute; Blackcurrant is said to help in fearful situations.

Geranium; Often given as a housewarming gift to bring happiness and friendship.

Jasmine; A white flower associated with love and purity. A symbol of strength given that such a tiny white blossom is capable of producing such a powerful fragrance.

Rose Absolute; Said to have an almost hypnotic quality to relax and clear the mind, roses were sacred to the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and have been long associated with romance, elegance and passion.

Peppermint/Spearmint; Mint is often used to calm and clear the mind and help you feel present and in the moment.

Amber; Said to provide luxurious comfort.

Musk; Often described as sensual, even flirtatious.

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