Why our (borrowed from) The Wild scent works anywhere…anytime!

If you are looking for your new favourite scent, WYLDE MOON’S signature fragrance has got it all.

(borrowed from) The Wild

You know that smell of a tomato on the vine when it’s been ripened by the sun? That smell after rainfall, as it refreshes the mint and lavender and mother nature subtly weaves her magic? You know that aromatic, invigorating scent that travels on the wind and enlivens the senses? That…

Scents have an astonishing capacity to send signals to the human limbic system, the part of the brain that governs the way we behave and feel. When scent, emotion and a happy memory come together, it can have a powerful effect on our mood.

Certain smells can transport you back to a moment in time and the elegant botanical and floral bouquet of (borrowed from) The Wild promises to take you on a walk through an English country garden after it’s been refreshed by the rain. Fragrance notes of dewy garden flowers and herbs uplift, invigorate and clear the mind.

When Holly created WYLDE MOON, she wanted to find a way to use fragrance to help us feel good, inside and out. With WYLDE MOON’s boutique fragrances, the whole focus is on how each one makes you feel. When embarking on a fragrance journey, you create a brief for a perfumer by putting together a recipe of fragrance notes that you think will best conjure up different emotions. Every WYLDE MOON fragrance is unique, with its own character to suit a particular moment or mood…and our fragrance poems encapsulate that feeling beautifully.

For (borrowed from) The Wild we were influenced by ancient floral symbolism, helping us choose fragrance notes that made us feel soothed yet energised.

Lavender; Long associated with relaxation and calm with the ability to relieve stress and sooth nerves.

Geranium; Often given as a housewarming gift to bring happiness and friendship.

Peppermint/Spearmint; Mint is often used to calm and clear the mind and help you feel present and in the moment.

Eucalyptus; An ancient symbol of strength and abundance, Eucalyptus is renowned for having a purifying effect. Australian aboriginals burn it to negate negative energy.

Tomato Leaf; One of the most recognisable notes of country kitchen garden. Associated with mental strength, and self-belief.

Lemongrass; Is regarded as an energy cleanser, promoting openness and clear communication.

Jasmine; A white flower associated with love and purity. A symbol of strength given that such a tiny white blossom is capable of producing such a powerful fragrance.

Sandalwood; Associated with casting out negativity and providing protection.

Amber; Said to provide luxurious comfort.

Blend all the scents together, breathe deep and take a walk through a dewy botanical garden in full bloom.

(borrowed from) The Wild is the perfect gift for any occasion…to uplift you or someone special.

There is no scientific evidence for any fragrance note claims. We have researched and acknowledged fragrance note associations, some as old as time, to build and create an identity for each of our scents. We believe perfume is mood-enhancing, which in turn builds self-esteem to have a positive effect on general well-being.

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