All of WYLDE MOON’S scents are created by British perfumers, crafted and hand-poured in the UK and housed in vitrified porcelain vessels. All cartons are printed in the UK and all cardboard used is FSC-certified. 

None of our products are tested on animals.

The Vessel

Because of the traditional, complex and hand-crafted nature of the manufacturing process, each and every piece will be ever so slightly unique and there may occasionally be small marks or defects on the surface of the ceramic even though each piece has been through a rigorous quality control inspection.

The vessels can be washed when the product has finished and be kept and reused forever.

The Oil

The diffuser oil is made up of fragrance oil and a solvent base developed from glycerin, a renewable source. The base is sustainable, high-performance and non-flammable.


The black reeds are made from rattan. Due to their porous nature, they emit the scent effortlessly and continuously.