What is a wax melt and how do I use it?

A wax melt is a wick-less piece of scented wax that releases fragrance when it’s gently warmed.

Most people have a tealight burner or an electric burner at home, but if not, they are inexpensive and available pretty much everywhere, these days.

Simply pop one ‘Waxing Moon’ out of the clam shell, place it on the burner dish and either light the tealight underneath, or switch on if you’re using an electric burner. As the wax crescent slowly melts, our signature (borrowed from) The Wild fragrance will burst into your home.

How long will the fragrance last?

There are many variables when it comes to fragrance longevity - particularly around the type of burner you are using. Electric burners create a gentle, constant heat that will release the fragrance slower over a longer period.

Whereas the temperature of a tealight burner can vary enormously, depending what the burner is made of, how hot the vessel gets, and even what size tealight you’re using. The fragrance will last longer with a small tealight. Large. long-lasting tealights will produce a flame much closer to the melt dish, meaning that the high heat will burn the scent off more quickly.

The more gentle the heat, the longer the fragrance will last.  

What are the benefits of using Wax Melts?

They are safer to use. If you are using a tealight burner, the tealight will burn itself out. If you are using an electric burner, there is no naked flame, but we would recommend using a plug timer in the event you forget to switch it off.

If you decide you only want to diffuse the fragrance for a short time, you can extinguish the burner and re-ignite again later and the fragrance will spring into life, without affecting the performance of the wax melt.

Being a cheaper alternative to a candle, you can use them more frequently without feeling you should save them for a special occasion.

It’s possible to manage the strength of your fragrance easily according to your scent sensitivity.

We recommend one Waxing Moon per burn, but depending on personal preference, you can add an extra melt. 

Directions for use

Place one (or more) wax melt into the dish of your burner. Light the tea light, or switch on if using an electric burner. The wax will melt to release the beautiful scent.

Take care

Remove all packaging before use. Do not overfill. Do not add water. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use only as directed. Please follow instructions supplied with burner. Use in well ventilated room.

How to store your Waxing Moons

Retain in the clam shells to maintain perfect formation and preserve the scent.

None of our products are tested on animals.