The Serenity Bundle: 4 packs of wax melts for the price of 3

Any 4 x packs of Wax Melts £33: SAVE £11

Mix and match from any of our beautiful wax melt fragrances. Perfect for stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts, or a gorgeous treat for yourself.

WYLDE MOON and Holly Willoughby have curated five beautiful fragrances, available in our crescent moon-shaped wax melts. From woody spice to fresh florals, there's something for every mood. Which fragrances will you try?

The Serenity Bundle offers you 4 packets of scented wax melts for the price of 3. Select any 4 fragrances from:

The (borrowed from) The Wild fragrance opens with top notes of Lemon, Lavandin, Geranium and Eucalyptus before embracing an aromatic, floral heart of White Jasmine, Tomato Leaf, Lemongrass, Spearmint and Rose. The base of Amberwood and Musk warms and balances the scent beautifully. 

You know that heavenly smell of fresh flowers given to you by the one you love?
That smell that takes you straight back to where your love story began?
You know that irresistible, sensual giddiness that takes over your senses.

You know that smell of an expectation of magic; eyes twinkling with belief and anticipation?
That smell of oranges studded with cloves, time spent together, a real Christmas tree, happiness and hope?
You know that nostalgia that can only come from a childhood Christmas memory…Christmas 1985…my My Little Pony Castle and Shakin’ Stevens singing Merry Christmas Everyone?

You know that smell of a woodland walk…beams of dappled sunlight strobing through the leaves, making you feel grounded in nature? 
That intense smell the blackberries leave on your hands after picking nature’s jewelled gifts? 
You know that comfort in knowing nature provides; her canopy bursting with fruit, softened by the mossy bed underfoot?

You know that reassuring smell of something that’s been before, like a beloved book that’s been passed between friends?
That comforting feeling you only get from a wisdom learned over time?
You know that fireside warmth that not only comes from the burning wood, but the ageing leather of the chair you’re sat in, that could tell a story or two.