About a Candle - By Holly Willoughby

“Life is better when you light a candle. When I wake up, I light a candle. When I get home from work, I light a candle. To me, it feels like a full stop on the day; an inhalation of breath where I can take a moment, ground myself, and be present. There’s something so relaxing about looking into a flame; the glow of the candle, the way it makes your room look, the shadows it throws up against the wall. When you combine all of that with something that smells utterly delicious to ignite all of your other senses…well, you’ve got something pretty special going on in your home!

I’ve been searching for the perfect scent for a really long time. I normally have different scents for different rooms in my house but once in a while something comes along that’s so iconic, it just works anywhere at any time. Our WYLDE MOON signature scent, (borrowed from) The Wild is just that. It’s the smell of your garden when it’s just sprung into life and it rains and you’re hit with that freshness. The mixture of flowers and herbs makes it uplifting and exhilarating and it really clears the mind. (borrowed from) The Wild is impossible to not be drawn to. It has an almost addictive quality whereby once you catch a whiff, you just want to smell more of it. When we launched the WYLDE Boutique in October 2021, we invited fragrance experts to a lunch to experience our candles burning away along the table, and we were delighted to hear so many comment how the fragrance didn’t counter balance the food, and how unusual it was for a home fragrance to work around a meal. So, you see, it really does go with everything. 

Lighting a candle is a lovely ritual that helps you centre yourself. I love to set an intention when I light a candle, to think about the things that I’ve achieved that day and to let go of all the things that might stop me from sleeping. Blowing out the candle is a nod to the fact that it’s done, and that there’s always tomorrow. I love to watch the smoke rise up, swirl round, and disappear. And when that last little bit of smoke has gone, you’ll realise that you’ve been sitting there, still, for a while.

You’ll know by now that I have this affiliation with the moon, her phases, and what all of those things signify and mean. I love lighting a candle on a new moon, where I can take the time to really think about what I want to achieve over the next 28 days…all the things that I want to bring to life. And again, on a full moon, I light my candle, look up, bring out my crystals to bathe in the moonlight and think about all of the things I’ve achieved and am grateful for. Then as the moon begins to get smaller and wane, I light the candle and think about all of the things that don’t serve me anymore. I hold that list in my head, blow out the candle, and let them all go.

A candle can be so many things and while it seems simple, I truly believe that they provide a warm glow that you don’t only see, but you feel. And so I hope this candle brings you as much joy as it does me, that it lights your home and lights your way.”

Holly x

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