How to use wax melts so they last as long as possible

Over the last few years, wax melts have really made their mark on the home fragrance scene - and quite rightly so! If you are wondering what on earth we are talking about,  a wax melt is a wick-less piece of scented wax that releases fragrance when gently warmed.

When we first started developing WYLDE MOON’s Waxing Moons, we had so many questions ourselves, so here we’ve tried to clear up any confusion or uncertainty around what wax melts are and how they work!

How do I use a wax melt?

Firstly, you need a burner. There are two types of burner – a tealight burner and an electric burner. You may even have a tealight burner if you’ve ever burned drops of essential oils in water, but if not, you can purchase one fairly inexpensively at your nearest supermarket. Once you’ve chosen your burner, pop a wax melt on the burner dish and either light a tea light in the designated area or switch on if it’s electric.

Then what happens?

As soon as the dish warms up, your little Waxing Moon will start to melt into a pool and you will be hit with an instant burst of fragrance.

How long do wax melts last?

There are many variables when it comes to fragrance longevity - particularly around the type of burner you are using. Electric burners create a gentle, constant heat that will release the fragrance slower over a longer period. Whereas the temperature of a tealight burner can vary enormously, depending what the burner is made of, how hot the vessel gets, and even what size tealight you’re using. The fragrance will last longer with a smaller, shorter burn tealight whereas larger, long-lasting tealights produce a flame much closer to the melt dish, making it hotter to burn the scent off more quickly. Just remember, the more gentle the heat, the longer the fragrance will last. 

What happens when I can’t smell the fragrance anymore?

It is important to note here that wax melts are not the same as candles - the melted wax does not evaporate. A fragranced wax melt pools over heat and after a period of time, the scent will eventually burn off completely and you will be left with unfragranced wax. When you notice that the scent has weakened or disappeared, you simply need to carefully dispose of the wax in the burner dish, pop a new wax melt in and wait for the fresh burst of fragrance!

How do I get rid of an old wax melt?

One of the easiest ways is to use a tissue or a cotton wool ball to soak up the old pool of wax – but please do be careful as the melted wax will be hot. Make sure you let it cool before you throw it away. Then your dish is ready to receive a replacement melt.

What are the benefits of wax melts, then?

Wax melts have a whole host of benefits that make them appealing - hence their popularity:

  • Unlike the gentle slower build of a scented candle, wax melts produce an instant, powerful burst of fragrance – just what you need if you have guests coming, or your home needs an instant freshen up.
  • Given that there is no vessel they a cheaper alternative to a candle, meaning you are able to use them more frequently.
  • They are safer to use. If you are using a tealight burner, the tealight will burn itself out – but please don’t leave a flame unattended. If you are using an electric burner, there is no naked flame, but we would recommend using a plug timer in the event you forget to switch it off. Please do not leave a lit burner unattended, and keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • You can light, extinguish and relight a wax melt multiple times without it affecting the performance of the scent pay off or having to worry about wax tunneling.
  • You can also easily manage the strength of the desired fragrance according to your scent sensitivity. For our own melts we recommend one ‘Waxing Moon’ per burn for a strong scent, but depending on personal preference, you can add an extra melt. 

At WYLDE MOON, we pride ourselves on creating remarkable scents, and we hope you discover your new favourite ever fragrance in the WYLDE Boutique.

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