Close the door on the world and cosy up with (borrowed from) The Past

If you are looking for a home fragrance to embrace you in a warm memory, WYLDE MOON’S (borrowed from) The Past is the answer.

(borrowed from) The Past

You know that reassuring smell of something that’s been before, like a beloved book that’s been passed between friends? 
That comforting feeling you only get from a wisdom learned over time?
You know that fireside warmth that not only comes from the burning wood, but the ageing leather of the chair you’re sat in, that could tell a story or two.

Scents have an astonishing capacity to send signals to the human limbic system, the part of the brain that governs the way we behave and feel. When scent, emotion and a happy memory come together, it can have a powerful effect on our mood.

Certain smells can transport you back to a moment in time and the warming, sensual blend of spices and flowers that is (borrowed from) The Past promises to hold you in a warm embrace whilst you reminisce about happy times. With fragrant spicy, floral notes of Black Pepper, Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Amber and Musk.

When Holly created WYLDE MOON, she wanted to find a way to use fragrance to help us feel good, inside and out. With WYLDE MOON’s boutique fragrances, the whole focus is on how each one makes you feel.  When embarking on a fragrance journey, you create a brief for a perfumer by putting together a recipe of fragrance notes that you think will best conjure up different emotions. Every WYLDE MOON fragrance is unique, with its own character to suit a particular moment or mood…and our fragrance poems encapsulate that feeling beautifully. 

For (borrowed from) The Past we were influenced by ancient floral symbolism, helping us choose fragrance notes that made us feel soothed, comforted, and uplifted.

Basil; Associated with happiness and love.

Black Pepper; Said to encourage inner strength, protection and confidence.

Cinnamon; Renowned for its soothing and warming qualities.

Coriander; Long associated with healing and magic.

Clove; Associated with dignity and strength.

Nutmeg; Linked to increased sensuality and effervescence. 

Geranium; Often given as a housewarming gift to bring happiness and friendship.

Jasmine; A white flower associated with love and purity. A symbol of strength given that such a tiny white blossom is capable of producing such a powerful fragrance.

Ylang-Ylang; According to a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience, Ylang-Ylang is said to alleviate stress, restore confidence and boost your mood. 

Sandalwood; Associated with casting out negativity and providing protection.

Vetiver; Vetiver Oil is regarded as the oil of tranquility – excellent for calming and grounding. 

Amber; said to provide luxurious comfort.

Blend them all together, breathe deep and sink into bliss.

(borrowed from) The Past is the perfect gift for any occasion…a fragrant cuddle for you or someone special.

There is no scientific evidence for any fragrance note claims. We have researched and acknowledged fragrance note associations, some as old as time, to build and create an identity for each of our scents. We believe perfume is mood-enhancing, which in turn builds self-esteem to have a positive effect on general well-being. 

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