How to get the most out of your WYDLE MOON reed diffuser

When it comes to our (borrowed from) The Wild Diffuser, we know you will not be disappointed with the extraordinary scent throw and overall beautiful look and feel of this product in your home.

To make sure you are getting the absolute best out of yours, we wanted to share some tips and tricks we have learnt whilst developing our well-loved diffusers.

We have a few tips from Holly herself, and read on for the five essential care tips you need to get the most out of your beautiful diffuser.

1. You don’t always need to use all the reeds provided

Where you place your diffuser can dictate how many reeds you need to insert and subsequent longevity of the fragrance oil. Larger rooms may require you to use all of the reeds provided, to increase the fragrance throw. A smaller room may only require a few reeds within the vessel. Obviously personal preference for strength of scent also plays a part in this too. We would recommend inserting a few reeds on first use, to see what works best for you, then you can increase as necessary to your desired scent level.

2. Place your diffuser in a high traffic area

Think about areas within your home that people are often in/moving through, as motion within a room/space will help circulate the scent through the air and throw the fragrance around the chosen area. This way you’re sure to have people complementing your home when they vist.

3. Temperature can affect diffuser oil

Be mindful of temperature. High temperatures will speed up diffusion so we would advise to keep away from radiators as although the scent throw would increase, the life of your diffuser will not. In the same way, we would not recommend placing near open windows, doors that are opened frequently or air conditioning units for fear of sending the fragrance out into the wild!

4. Safe Placement

This may sound obvious, but keep your diffuser out of “knocking-over height”. There is nothing more heart breaking than a freshly filled diffuser getting knocked over!

5. Sustainability

Our diffuser fans have come up with some gorgeous ways to reuse our stunning ceramics – everything from pen pots and toothbrush holders to dog poop bag dispensers! Here's Holly's hack:


We hope you enjoy your diffusers and make sure to send us pictures on our @wyldemoon Instagram and let us know what you think via our review tab.

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